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Our Mission

We’re here to build a foundation of support and stability to the children of Cameroon, to make a positive difference that will influence the generations to follow.

Become A Sponsor
Financial support is essential to break the cycle of poverty & improve the standard of living in Cameroon, Africa. We are eager for cause-marketing sponsors and corporate donors to help us spread our mission and resources to the children and families of Cameroon.
Cause-Marketing Partnerships
Cause-marketing partnerships allow us to achieve our urgent goals more quickly. Promotions from cause-marketing partners engage consumers to help raise the funds needed to develop our Kids In Cleats community complex and soccer field; fund teams, transportation, food and education for the children.
Our team will work with you to develop integrated marketing opportunities and customized programs that will further your brand’s business objectives while advancing our mission of using soccer as the vehicle for children to rise out of poverty through education, self-empowerment and sport in Cameroon. In doing so, you are taking part in a truly special cause.
Corporate In-Kind Donations
Your in-kind contributions, such as pro-bono grant writing and other professional services, allow us to provide tangible support to the families of Cameroon. Such support allows us to secure funding to further our mission.
Corporate Matching Programs

Your employees’ contributions can go even further. By joining our corporate matching program, not only are you supporting our mission, but you are also supporting your employees’ philanthropic efforts and doubling the power of their charitable contribution.

Break the Cycle of Poverty

Our vision is to start from the ground up, building a strong foundation that disrupts the cycle of poverty

Create Opportunity

We are dedicated to improving lives and building a future for the children and families in Cameroon, Africa

Make a Global Impact

The potential for global change and the children and families of Cameroon rely on generosity, action, and people like you