Erica Gerstman, PhD

Erica Gerstman, PhD

Executive Director, Co-Founder

As a mom of two soccer player sons and a former school age player, Erica Gerstman has a deep love and respect for the game of soccer and all that the sport teaches children beyond what is left on the field.

Professionally, Erica Gerstman, PhD is a psychotherapist who works with individuals, couples and families to help them overcome difficulties in their lives. Along with her husband, they decided their children were old enough to understand what it means to be good global citizens and learn the importance of helping others.

Coupled with the family’s love of Africa, creating a non-profit based in an African country was the perfect idea for their family. While exploring ideas about what they wanted to do as a family and where, Erica and her son’s coach, Julio Tsasse started discussing a charity that he was in the beginning stages of starting in his home country of Cameroon. Out of their conversations, Kids In Cleats was born.

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