Our Mission

Use soccer as the vehicle for children to rise out of poverty through education, self-empowerment and sport in Cameroon, Africa.

We are one of the only programs to date that has made it their mission to help the young people in this part of Cameroon and the only organization focusing our work in Mbouda. Most of the charitable organizations in Cameroon focus on the English-speaking areas.

This leaves a very large population of children without much hope or support from the outside world.  

Over 46% of children in Cameroon live below the poverty line

The Goal

To break the cycle of poverty & improve the standard of living in Cameroon, Africa.
The poverty rates in Cameroon are staggering and those living there have minimal, if any, chance to rise out of their current situation. Even the individuals lucky enough to be able to afford and complete secondary school, have little chance of obtaining a meaningful career or financial stability.

With your help we can create hope and opportunity around the world by empowering the children and families of Cameroon, Africa.

Your support will make this possible.

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“We play soccer because we have nothing else. We have nothing else -- no conventional toys, but we have soccer, so we play all day long. It’s the sport that allows everybody to just have fun. Soccer is like a religion to me and a cultural norm in Cameroon. Growing up we believed that something was wrong with someone if they were not good at playing soccer.”

Julio Tsasse, Program Director & Co-Founder

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