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Your donation creates hope and opportunity around the world by empowering the children and families of Cameroon, Africa with access to education, resources, sports training, skill development, jobs, food security and physical safety. We aim to improve their quality of life
with your help. We can and will make this possible! Make a donation that will change lives forever.

Become a Volunteer

Your support helps those who need it most. Looking to make a change in the world? Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to the global community? Volunteers play an essential role in helping Kids In Cleats accomplish our mission. Please take a moment to email us your information, so we can help you find your ideal volunteer opportunity!

Sponsor a Player Circle

Our Sponsor a Player Circle offers a way for individuals, teams and organizations to express direct support for the youth of the Cameroon, Africa community. Young players and teams from the United States and other countries sponsor a child in Cameroon. Sponsors will cover the child’s annual tuition for school, costs of training, transportation to our field, and provide at least one balanced meal a day.

Whether you're answering our call for donations needed or interested in volunteering your time, we're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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