Become a Corporate Partner 2019

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

We’re here to build a foundation of support and stability for the children of Cameroon. There are a variety of ways for Kids in Cleats (KIC) and your company to partner in ways that benefit both organizations.

Philanthropic Grants

Your customers and employees want to know that your company is committed to making a difference in our world. Your company can have an immediate and tangible impact by making a grant to help KIC build a new fully-equipped soccer complex in Cameroon, and secure coaching staff, healthy meals and educators.

In-Kind Donations

Does your company have excess product inventory that can be donated? KIC is eager to secure tangible goods such as an event tent, player uniforms, soccer equipment, recognition items for the KIC Young Ambassadors and even a bus.

Employee Volunteerism

KIC has a variety of digital and in-person volunteer opportunities available. Do you have employees who are looking for meaningful ways to make a difference? KIC is looking for employee volunteers with project management, social media, content development or event management skills. They will be able to quickly see their impact in our local community and Cameroon.

Consumer Engagement

Is your company looking for a way to differentiate itself in the marketplace? Cause marketing partnerships can help further your brand’s business objectives while advancing KIC’s mission of using soccer as the vehicle for children to rise out of poverty through education, self-empowerment and sport in Cameroon.

Corporate Match Program

Your employees’ contributions can go even further. By joining our corporate match program, not only are you supporting the KIC mission, but you’re also supporting your employees’ philanthropic efforts and doubling the power of their charitable contributions.

Break the Cycle of Poverty

Our vision is to start from the ground up, building a strong foundation that disrupts the cycle of poverty

Create Opportunity

We are dedicated to improving lives and building a future for the children and families in Cameroon, Africa

Make a Global Impact

The potential for global change and the children and families of Cameroon rely on generosity, action, and people like you