Start your Mitzvah Project

It’s one of the most meaningful parts of your journey. It can be intimidating and challenging to find a Mitzvah project you’re passionate about. But it’s also an exciting opportunity for you to choose a project as unique as yourself.

Choosing Kids In Cleats as a Mitzvah project is the perfect chance for you to practice the core Jewish values of tzedakah (charity), chesed (kindness), and tikkun olam (social action). Think about what soccer has given you: passion, discipline, good health, structure, a family, a place to express yourself and forget about everything else. Soccer allows you to be you.

Our overall mission is to use soccer as the vehicle for children to rise out of poverty through education, self-empowerment and sport in Cameroon, Africa. Our vision starts with making soccer more accessible to underprivileged children. In doing so, we hope to connect young people and their families with better education, food security and relationships with job training programs. We know the Kids In Cleats initiatives will lead these children to bigger opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. And we need you to make that happen.

Teaming up with us allows you to make a direct impact on the lives of other children across the world. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with our mission so you can contribute to others, practice the Mitzvah, and become a part of something you’ll never forget.

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 Together, we can make a difference! If you would like to explore additional ideas, and feel free to reach out to or 973-867-8169 for more ideas or to answer any questions.